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Yes, you too can be despised by yokels who think you don't know what the hell you are talking about.



Whether you love it or hate it, or just feel somewhere in between, some idiot is going to take umbrage and polarity to whatever you say and write you about it.


For our visitors who don't live in a country where they permit FREE SPEECH: See what you are missing?

It's easy to do this so pay attention, the rules are simple.


Know how to write about your subject! I don't take offense at foul language, but if the best you can write is - "This is *@&#!, I didn't like this *@&#!, and you shouldn't buy it / watch it / play it, because it is so *@&#!" - then you really haven't told the reader a damn thing, have you? And when you rate something, we go on a scale of 1 (being the worst) and 5 (being the best!).
What if you are reviewing a movie that is truly the worst - but is so bad its good? Movies and only movies can get the "Negative Shriek Girl". With one N.S.G. being the absolute worst of everything and 5 being so bad its great!

You have to watch the entire movie and ONLY watch movies that you have an appreciation for anyway. Not everybody likes supernatural Horror, but if you are a fan of ghosts, don't go sending me a trashy critique of science fiction Horror.

Critiques fall into one of three categories here. Old classics, overlooked gems, and brand new. I'll accept critiques on old horror, thriller, mystery, and / or suspense movies or movies with horror as its theme (example: ALIEN was a Science Fiction movie, but had Horror as its theme. ALIENS, on the other hand was Science Fiction but with Action/Adventure as its theme. ALIENS still qualifies anyway because it had Monsters and it's a sequel to a Horror movie! STAR WARS can never qualify and neither can 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY. Neither can be construed as any form of horror or thriller, mystery or suspense.) I don't want any critiques on old albums (Unless they are digitally remixed or re-released old albums - in other words, there is something fresh or new about their release), or games that are still popular today. That means no critiques on old IRON MAIDEN, DOOM, DOOM II, QUAKE and QUAKE II (Although a well thought out article on the entire DOOM series and its effect on the gaming culture would be cool!).

The critiques have to be on subjects that are still available to the public. If they can't go down to their local video rental, or album, or computer store and pick up a copy of your subject, then you had better give them a URL where they can order it by mail. This is the Internet and hence, International.

That's all there is to it. Here's where to send your work:

Feo Amante

So just what do YOU get out of all of this? feoamante.com is a promotional tool, gang. I expect you to use this site to promote your talent. I expect you to have your own website too so, after people read what you have here, they can go to your site and learn more about you, what you have published, etc. I promote you by giving you credit for your story / article / review, your photo at the top of your column (which is also a link to your site / e-mail - no more than a 300dpi .jpg image please, thanks!), and your name (which is also a link to your site / e-mail). How well does this work as a promotional tool? Over 10 times as many people came to feoamante.com in 2000 as did in our launch year of 1999. We've been growing ever since. Currently we enjoy about 113,000 people visiting every month and that number is growing.

How good a promotional tool is it? Go to any of the best search engines and search for "Feo Amante". See how many pages turn up and what is being said. Search "Horror Thriller" (quotes not necessary) and you'll find us at the top. All the major search engines rank us at #1 alongside such Horror websites as fangoria.com, reallyscary.com, and horror.com. And just who do these "eyes" belong to? Check out They're Talking About Me...

By the way, if you have a killer horror website, send me the URL. If I like it, I'll link it to the home page! Competition be damned! There should be more than one Horror Thriller writer, and there should be more than one Horror Thriller site!

In addition to critiques, I'm also looking for Nonfiction stories and interviews on, and in the different aspects of, the horror genre that I cover here. Want to get involved in the Horror / Thriller / Mystery / Suspense community?

Are you a Writer Guideline reading fiend? Then check out more guidelines at Guidelines! Its not necessary, but hey, if that's your thing!

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I thank you in advance for respecting this.

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