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Classic movies good and bad are in store for you today. Check out our 19 reviews for August! We also have a new review by Kelly Parks of JURASSIC PARK III. Feo is going to the Horrorfind.com convention this year - I have to, I'm one of the celebrities if you can believe that. Weird huh? Between the World Horror Convention in May, The ComicCon in July, and the Horrorfind in August, all of us Horror folk have been pretty damn busy. Fear not though: updates to this site have been slow for the summer but all this Con hopping is bringing us away from the computer and to you. Its also bringing us toward new directions in Horror which are all going to come back to your favorite Horror site (which is this one I hope!). Keep checking back for further updates. feoamante.com is rocking!




Report by Judi Rohrig
The British Fantasy Society announced the final nominations for the British Fantasy Awards 2001, and while these awards are for fantasy, a number of works do lurk in the shadows of being "dark" fantasy. Winners will be announced at the BFS' 30th Birthday Bash in London on September 23, 2001.

Envelope, please!

BEST NOVEL (The August Derleth Award)
Ramsey Campbell, SILENT CHILDREN (Forge)
Tim Lebbon & Gavin Williams, HUSH (Razorblade Press)
Steve Lockley & Paul Lewis, THE RAGCHILD (Razorblade Press)
China Miéville, PERDIDO STREET STATION (Macmillan)
Peter Straub, MR X (HarperCollins)

Mike Chinn, ed., SWORDS AGAINST THE MILLENNIUM (Alchemy Press)
Stephen Jones, ed., BEST NEW HORROR 11 (Robinson)
Stephen Jones & David Sutton, eds., DARK TERRORS 5 (Gollancz)
M.P.N. Sims, L.H. Maynard & David Howe, eds., F20 (BFS/Enigmatic Press)
Brian Willis, ed., HIDEOUS PROGENY (Razorblade Press)

R. Chetwynd-Hayes, PHANTOM & FIENDS (Robert Hale)
Robert E. Howard, THE CONAN CHRONICLES (Gollancz)
Terry Lamsley, DARK MATTERS (Ash Tree Press)
Stephen Laws, MIDNIGHT MAN (Silver Salamander)
Kim Newman, WHERE THE BODIES ARE BURIED (Alchemy Press/Airgedlámh Publications)

Ramsey Campbell, NO STORY IN IT (Dark Terrors 5)
Tim Lebbon, NAMING OF PARTS (PS Publishing)
Steve Lockley & Paul Lewis, THE WINTER HUNT (F20)
Stan Nicholls, THE TAKING (Swords Against The Millennium)
Michael Marshall Smith, THE HANDOVER (Dark Terrors 5)

Jim Burns
Les Edwards
Chris Nurse
J.K. Potter
Anne Sudworth

The Alchemy Press
AT THE WORLD'S END (ed. Mark Chadbourn et al)
PS Publishing Razorblade Press

The Karl Edward Wagner Award will be decided by the BFS Committee and announced at the September awards ceremony.

For more information, visit the BFS website at britishfantasysociety.com.



There is this really fascinating Vampire movie - one of the best I've seen - that is playing on STARZ these days. You cannot buy it anywhere, its a made for TV flick. Its called THE BREED.

Fans of otherworldy, alternate earth movies like JACOB'S LADDER, DARK CITY or THE MATRIX are going to love this one.

Set in a strange alternate timeline that is both our future and, somehow, our past, this world discovers that there are Vampires among them. A population of 4000 undead that live in a ghetto district of the city reminiscent of the photographs of Jewish ghettos in Nazi Germany (this alternate world also has a Nazi past). The country is a police state with Soviet style uniforms, rampant poverty, repressive government, and state run radio constantly gibbering out a barrage of Government mottos. Like AM talk radio without an off-switch.

The leader of the Vampires wants to bring about a peace between his kind and the humans, The vampires want to raise their families without worry from sharp stakes and other weapons. They are strong, fast, and immortal, yes, but they are also so very easily killed (A sharp stake through the heart will kill a vampire, so will a beheading and setting one on fire. Come to think of it. That would kill a regular person too!), and humans have this nasty way of attacking a vampire while they sleep. So they want to integrate themselves by promising to never ever drink human blood again - but as they seek this goal, another vampire is running through the streets and feeding off of humans. This "sport" threatens to wreck the fragile truce, and in a country that is ruled by a repressive dictatorship, a little paranoia is no where near enough.

It is such a world that highlights this modern re-telling in a wholly intriguing way.

THE BREED stars Martial artist Bokeem Woodbine as the human police detective, Stephen Grant. Stephen works for a highly restrictive government agency called NSA - which may or may not be the same as the USA's NSA. Stephen is a black skinned cop who is newly partnered with a white skinned cop who he has never heard of before. Martial artist and star of the HIGHLANDER television episodes, Adrian Paul, plays the vampire detective, Aaron Gray.

Vampires, of course, are faster and stronger than humans and Steven must contend with the fact that Aaron may be caucasian in appearance, but considers himself no more a member of humanity than Steven, an African American cop, thinks of himself as Asian. And speaking of Asian, actress Ling Bai (THE CROW) is the love interest for Steve in this movie. Not only must he consider his bigotry against vampires, he finds himself drawn to this deadly and powerful vampire - who needs neither his protection or provision - who finds herself just as inexplicably drawn to him. THE BREED touches on issues of racism, prejudice, and the roles of men and women in western society. All this put together with an atmosphere of film noir. You won't (as of this writing) find THE BREED reviewed here as it is unavailable for world wide release. But as soon as it is, you will read a favorable and far more in depth review of the strikingly original THE BREED.

I promise to keep my ear to the ground and let you all now about any further developments regarding this one. Its not great - but its damn, DAMN fascinating!




Report by Judi Rohrig
Considering the title of one of horrormeister Douglas Clegg's books was HALLOWEEN MAN, it seems appropriate that he would choose October to celebrate the publication of his latest Harrow House adventure, THE INFINITE.

And how will he do it? First, Clegg will offer out yet another eserial - his third - and it's a special one, too. Said Clegg: "My novel, BAD KARMA, originally published under my pseudonym, Andrew Harper, in hardcover and paperback, will be out in 3-to-5-day-per-week segments of a serial beginning October 1, 2001. It's a fast, guilty-pleasure read that I hope (readers) enjoy. It got some good reviews and some bad ones when it first came out, but overall, I hope (readers) have fun with it when I send it out this October."

Clegg is using this third eserial to thank his faithful elist subscribers and to promote his new book, THE INFINITE. (Membership to the Clegg's list is free. Interested readers may send an email to DouglasClegg-subscribe@yahoogroups.com.)

But that's not all, folks!

Beginning in early October and continuing into November, Clegg will undertake his Indie 5000 Tour. He'll be hitting the highway, taking pictures, meeting with readers, and signing books all the way from New York to California. In between, he intends stops in Michigan (attention Ann Arbor!), down through Illinois (Chicago's on his map!), and into Wisconsin (beep-beep Madison). Then it's over to Minneapolis/St. Paul before a tear down through the mid-section of America: Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma (Tulsa, your name is circled!), and down to Texas (open your doors Dallas and buff up the city limits sign in Austin). After gassing up, he'll be back on the road, taking in New Mexico; Flagstaff, Tucson, and Phoenix, AZ.; Denver, CO, and winding up in California.

And which bookstores will he signing in? "This is more about me learning about what's really going on out at the independent bookstores of America," Clegg offered. "Particularly the little-known ones. Right now, the only confirmed (bookstore visit) is for Mysterious Galaxy in San Diego California on October 27th - a pajama party and screening of Bad Karma, along with the signing." (I'll be there -Feo)

While Clegg will be adding more confirmed bookstore appearances in the next few weeks, he is choosing to make his appearances less deliberate. It should make for an interesting new bookstore pastime: Spot Douglas Clegg! More information at Clegg's website: douglasclegg.com.




From Nick Kaufmann
It was "The Series That Almost Died."

DarkTales Publications has rescued Adam Niswander's "Shaman Cycle" from an early and undeserved grave, reissuing these unique Southwestern Supernatural Thrillers in uniform trade paperback editions with all new cover art.

Integra Press originally published THE CHARM, the opening novel in this acclaimed series, in hardcover in 1993. The first printing sold out in three days. A second, larger printing was immediately ordered. Every major publisher contacted Integra about mass-market rights, and three film studios contacted Niswander about movie rights. As the reviews rolled in, Niswander was compared to everyone from Tony Hillerman and Louis L'Amour to Stephen King, H.P. Lovecraft and Robert Heinlein. The second volume, THE SERPENT SLAYERS, premiered at the 1994 World Horror Convention, and received equally positive reviews.

Then, as Niswander puts it, "It hit the fan."

Volume three, THE HOUND HUNTERS, was scheduled for release in October of 1994 but, due to the actions of an unscrupulous distributor, Integra Press folded before The Hound Hunters could hit the shelves (since then, galley proofs of The Hound Hunters have become coveted collectors items). The series never found a new home. Until now.

DarkTales Publications will re-release volume one, The Charm, in September, 2001, followed by The Serpent Slayers in October and The Hound Hunters in November. Then, in spring of 2002, DarkTales will premiere the recently completed fourth volume in the series, THE WAR OF THE WHISPERERS. Plans are in place for DarkTales to continue the projected thirteen-volume series of independent but linked novels featuring the continuing adventures of a "Great Gathering" of Native American medicine people who face the threat of ancient evil.

"No one picks up a series in mid-stream," says David Nordhaus of DarkTales Publications, "so we knew we would have to go back to the beginning and do it the DarkTales way right from the start. We decided to go ahead not only with reissuing the first two previously published titles, but to publish the official First Edition of The Hound Hunters and a brand new book to be titled The War of the Whisperers."

But, for Niswander, it's a resurrection.

"I'm grateful that DarkTales felt strongly enough about the series to go with a four-book deal, something they had never done before. Now the series has a chance to reach a whole new generation of readers. I hope everyone will love reading the books as much as I love writing them."


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