Greetings mi amigos y amigas,
Here it is, the third in our series of World Horror Conventions, The WHC 2001. Times are changing since I posted the original 1999 convention, held in Atlanta Georgia. Many of you now have newer computers and far fewer of you have modems running at less than 56k (that's 5.6 kilobytes a second IF yer lucky!). There are a growing number of you who even have cable or DSL modems in your homes (I sure hope you have your own personal firewall!).

Some things we have to address here is this, what you just read above is me talking to the U.S. audience and there are a whole lot of people in the Internet (which is, of course, an acronym for International Network) who do not have the latest/greatest computers and do not have the superfast lines of cable or DSL, and many of whom (the majority of whom) still run 28k modems. Fast Internet access remains, largely, an American conceit. So in the following pages you will find me addressing the largest part of the audience where load times are concerned. For those of you with faster connections, please bear with me.

Those of you who saw the World Horror Convention 1999 photos remember just how few people wore my style: shaved head with goat' and 'stache. But check out this year's convention to see how many guys (fortunately just guys!) are Wearing The Feo!



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