2001 World Horror Convention
SeaTac Marriot Hotel, Seattle/Tacoma, Washington, USA

Those who have visited my report on the WHC 1999 know that
I have been to many Conventions in my life.
Yet I felt that the WHC 1999 Convention was the best I had ever experienced.

For fans of the genre, that ghetto of literature that pigeon holes the stark emotion of Horror into a name brand (in many bookstores across the U.S. now known simply as "fiction", the Horror section, all gone), the World Horror Convention is the zenith, the high point of any fan's delight in meeting the long admired and respected creators in the field.

At the 2001 WHC, many things had changed. James Futch, whose photography work was a minor part of the convention photographic review in 1999, was now the photographer of the con. James, with his digital camera in 1999, proved that the new medium was far better suited to the Internet than film. At the Denver 2000 WHC, James Futch's digital camera work dominated the convention review here at feoamante.com, in subsequent print articles n various publications, and remains the ideal format. Not just for its digital quality, but for James photographic skill. James is a master at capturing the passing, unique expressions of all participants. Visitors may find the notes and captions that I attach to each photo funny, but those words would be out of place were it not for the professional expertise that Futch brings to each frame. To many of us convention goers, James has become the "Official Photographer" of the World Horror Convention.

In fact, James is so giving that since 2000, he has sent many of us a free CD of his photographs from the con! So from the whole volunteer staff here at feoamante.com, Thanks James!

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SeaTac Marriot Hotel, WA. U.S.A.


This year, someone had absconded my car while it was parked outside my apartment. No road trip this time around, I flew instead. The flight was uneventful until I arrived for a quick plane change in San Francisco. Who should walk up but Queen of the Goths, Rain Graves! With her was her latest plaything, a really nice guy, who never had the chance to tell me about all the intricacies of online advertising and why click-throughs ads are a legitimate venture.

Instead our flight was announced for departure and I found myself spending the rest of my flight time chatting with Rain and some sweaty Neanderthal from Phoenix who loved to dance and sing. Altogether, my kinda trip!

A good thing about the location of the convention was that you could actually walk to the hotel from the airport. A bad thing about the convention was that you were about thirty miles from the nearest city. If its a compromise between the two, I'd really rather be closer to the host city than in the boonies near an airport for four days. Like nearly all airports, the SeaTac is hideous from the outside.


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These Photos Supplied by James Futch

Friends gather for the new convention.
Clockwise from the dame
Teri Jacobs (who really enjoyed the movie HANNIBAL), John Urbancik, Donn Gash, Mike Oliveri, and Goth Jester Mikey Huyck.

Kathy and her friend Carlton Mellick III. Here we see Carlton studiously considering his fashion sense.

The solemn respect given to the World Horror Convention launch derails as Jack Ketchum accepts a stupid dare. My own reputation is now endangered. Brian Keene bravely maintains his composure.

"Somebody, anybody, PULL MY FINGER!"
The official launch of the WHC 2001 ends on a high note.

As Brian Keene toasts the new World Horror Convention, Jack Ketchum tells a fan where he buys his undergarments.
Mikey Huyck, having downed his beer too fast, lets rip with a belly bubble.

Brian with the Dark Dreamer himself, Stanley Wiater. We all love this guy. He committed to video what turned out to be the final interview with our friend Richard Laymon.

Dueling Guests of Honor
Canadian Crime Thriller novelist Micheal Slade and UK Horror novelist Simon Clark, size each other up .




An Ultra-serious Vince Harper displays his wares. Tom Piccirilli's new book THE NIGHT CLASS is my favorite so far - and I haven't even read it yet!

John Pelan and his wife Kathy are so happy together it makes me sick! Where are all those unhappy marriages I keep hearing about? How come all these Horror folks have such happy relationships?

Breast-Heads, Breast-Heads /
Roly-Poly Breast-Heads!

Evening means party time!
Left to Right
Donn Gash (his back to us in black shirt)
Simon Clark, and some bozo scarfing up the free food and booze.

Won't you please stand up?

While Seth distracts the bartender's attention, I quickly grab a free bottle of vodka.
Simon Clark meanwhile notices Seth's nose shadow and gleens inspiration for another novel.

No one knows why, but whenever Seth Lindberg gets really drunk, he seeks out Mark McLaughlin and together they sing Barry Manilow songs.

And justifiably so: Brian Keene worked hard to get a book published and his collection, NO REST FOR THE WICKED has garnered rave reviews from the people he respects the most.
Clockwise from the left:
John Urbancik, Brad Gulickson, Brian Keene, and Mike Oliveri who is also recently published with his new novel, DEADLIEST OF THE SPECIES.


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