Every anos we return to Conventions with the next installment of the World Horror Convention and every year there are a grater number of you! Well bienvenidos to all our new amigos y amigas! Here it is, the fourth in our series of World Horror Conventions, The WHC 2002. No doubt there are a few of you looking at this who are husbands and wives, or worried parents perhaps, who wonder just what goes on at a World Horror Convention anyway? I mean, your wife or husband, brother or sister, or even son or daughter seems to be nuts about all things horror.

This worries you, yes? It would be better if your loved one joined the military and talked about - not defending the country - but blowing people's heads off. But don't they look nice in uniform?

Or perhaps if your child got their first job at a convenience store - but instead of talking about how much they enjoy serving people, they kept talking about that shotgun under the counter that they can't wait to use.

Perhaps your wife goes to a class at night, one that doesn't get her back home until midnight or later because she likes to "get together with her friends after class and talk". Maybe you would like to check up on her, but you've been feeling under the weather lately. You seem to have a bug that won't let you go...

Maybe your husband has been working out, getting buff, and doesn't seem all that concerned over whether you like the results. And why his new interest in cars all of a sudden? He insisted on fixing the brakes himself...

Maybe your sister seems to get extremely jealous around your wife, and abusive around your children.

Maybe your brother is a little too complimentary on that bikini you wore two summers ago...

Maybe your Father is...

Maybe your Mother does...


Let me say to all the newbies out there: Its usually not the obvious things that creep up on you, but the benign ones, the good things, that get twisted. Are there things going on in your life right now that you are choosing to ignore?

Have you found yourself taking the good with the bad lately? Choosing the lesser of two evils?

What is waiting for you at home? The place where you eat: where you sleep?

Please understand, fresh new visitor to Horror, Thriller, Mystery, and Suspense, that we fans and writers have only a single, simple difference between us and other people:

We See The Danger.

Nobody casts light. In the light, everyone casts a shadow. And that darkness follows or leads you everywhere.

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